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How much have I got to Spend - [£               ]

Base system Only Yes / No

Do I need the operating system ie XP - Vista Y / N

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Full computer system - base, screen, mouse,sound Yes / No

Laptop / Notebook Yes / No

What do I want to use it for

Do I need extra software for this - suggestions

Writing Letters and documents, Books

Microsoft works, office - Wordperfect - Open Office, Serif Pageplus

Playing Games


Writing CD’s / DVD’s - Music -Photos

Nero, Ulead, Roxio etc

Graphics - Pictures

Photoshop, Paintshop Pro, Serif Photoplus, Morpheus

Video / Slideshows

Ulead Movie, Magix, Serif Movieplus

Family Tree’s


Firefox, SeaMonkey, Anti Virus, -Panda  McAfee, Norton, A V G


Many titles from many hobbies available - See also shareware

Desktop publishing -Cards -Calendars

Serif Pageplus

On - Site Warranty Yes / No

Do I need a printer Yes / No

Do I need a Scanner Yes / No

Note - You can get Printer - Scanner - Copier in one unit. [ Save Space ]

LCD - TFT flat Screen  [ Yes - No ] [ 15” ] [ 17” ] [ 19” ] [ Bigger ]

Cordless keyboard and Mouse - [ Note that battery life on cordless mice can be quite short - Try  rechargeable types

Not sure about buying online [ Internet ] Just take this list along to your computer shop of choice.

Remember - Preparation can save you time and money - Don’t impulse buy software. Read reviews.

Browse some shops online - No obligation to buy - Gather information before you buy

Computer Aided Design

AutoCad, TurboCad


Visual Basic, C++, C#, XNA

This list can never really be complete. Use it as a template.


Insurance Y / N

Buying a PC