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The first in a series of books aimed at the hobbyist who would like to learn and create his or her own projects without the need to do a college course or full time university degree is available here now on Amazon.

The book is titled “ I made that 1

This book starts from base one and covers a brief  scope  of modern electronics, tools, soldering aids, soldering  practices and the making of three simple projects which  essentially perform the same task, using  different  technologies to achieve the construction of each project and the method of construction for each are  described in  full. The components can all be purchased by the hobbyist either from MCS or from any local store such as Maplins.

Files used in the book are available here.

Book 2 is nearly ready and will concentrate on using micro controllers with different types of display output from the humble led to LCD display.

We will be pleased to hear from you about your projects and may even feature some on the site. If you want to contact MCS about a project  please use one of the links provided.

[ Contact Minitech ].

Should you need to take your project to the next level MCS will be pleased to discuss this with you as well.